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Important Tips About Your Videos

Remember, when you’re trying to rank your videos high, you aren’t doing it for the sake of just getting more views.
The reason you want more views is so that more people will get to see your website url, this ultimately driving traffic back to your site.
So while it’s important to get views, don’t forget your primary aim, which is to drive traffic back to your site.
And that leads me to some important tips to share with you here.

Tip 1 – Putting Your Website Url At The Top Of The Video Description
If there’s one thing you want people to catch, it’s your website url.
So where else better to put it than at the very top of your video description?
Many online marketers, including myself, have tested that the click through rate skyrockets when the website url is at the very top. So make sure it’s the first thing you put in your video description.

Tip 2 – Put Watermarks On Your Video
Did you know that Youtube.com allows you to put water marks in your videos that contain messages to prompt your viewers to take certain actions?

Try out the watermark function by putting in text boxes, reminding your visitors to check out your description that contains your website url.
Or you can also flash your website url, ask them to check out other videos on your channel, or even subscribe to your channel.

Getting More Youtube Views
Remember I mentioned earlier that your video views and likes play an important part on your video rankings? That’s why I said you got to ask people to view and like your videos to push their rankings up.
But if you don’t have many friends on facebook, twitter or any other social networks, then getting views fast can prove to be difficult.

That’s when you need other useful solutions to help you out.

Solution 1 – Vagex.com
Using this website, you get to exchange views with people using a credit system.
For each video view, you use up credits. In other words, to get other members to view your videos, you’ll need to use credits in your account. You can either buy those credits online or view other members’ videos to chalk up on the credits.
So overtime, your video views will increase.

Solution 2 – Fiverr.com
Fiverr.com is a gig website where people offer their services for 5 dollars each. And when you search on Fiverr.com, you’ll find people who are willing to give you real human video views for 5 bucks. I’ve personally found great deals on Fiverr.com before, where they will share your videos to their facebook, twitter and facebook followers, giving you views and likes.
There are many people there offering such services, so you can give them a try. But only buy gigs offered by reliable service providers. Read their reviews before you place an order with them.

Some Final Words
If there’s one final advice I can give, it’s this...
Make Useful And Helpful Videos For Humans, Not Just Any Video To Rank Well On Youtube.com!
You’re making real videos that will be viewed by humans, and if people are going to click through to your website from your videos, they will only do so if your video had helped them find what they were looking for in the first place.
So be sure to know what kind of video you want to create, know how you can help people with your video, so you know that your video can help to generate traffic for you.
It’s ok even if your video isn’t fantastic. People will value your advices in the videos if it’s clearly audible, and helpful to them.
Too often, I’ve seen marketers that make short 30 second videos and telling people to visit their sites. It might have worked when online videos were taking off, but it won’t work well now.
So bear in mind, and keep asking yourself how you can provide value to people through your videos. That’s the only way to start bringing traffic to your site through video marketing.
And don’t wait till you have the perfect equipment such as expensive video cameras or expensive video editing software before you start on this.
Like I mentioned before, use what you have, like Apple’s iMovie or Windows Live Movie maker to get started. And for filming, use your webcam or smart phone. They come in high resolutions these days, so you’ll be fine with them.
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